Games that Transcend Platforms

Introducing Universal Games!

One of the biggest challenges among game developers today is creating experiences that are accessible to a wide range of players. This means catering to those who prefer consoles, mobile devices, or PCs, as well as ensuring cross-platform play and responsiveness. It’s not an easy feat, but some games have managed to transcend this problem and thrive on different platforms simultaneously. These titles, which we call “universal games,” are not defined by the hardware they’re played on, but rather by the unique gameplay, story, and aesthetics they bring to the table.

The Characteristics of Universal Games

So what makes a game “universal”? First and foremost, universal games don’t prioritize one platform over others. They’re designed to work equally well on every device and provide the same high-quality experience for every player. This often means streamlining features or adapting gameplay mechanics to work within the limitations of different systems but keeping the core gameplay intact. Secondly, universal games are inherently social. They encourage players to connect and interact with each other across different platforms. They may offer cross-play capabilities, shared accounts, or a single community hub where players can meet and share their experiences. Finally, universal games are built to last. They have a timeless quality that makes them enjoyable no matter when or where they’re played. This could be due to their art style, storytelling, or sheer replayability. Whatever the reason, universal games have staying power that can make them beloved by fans for years, if not decades.

The Best Universal Games to Play Right Now

Now that you know what to look for in a universal game, which titles should you check out? Here are a few suggestions:


The battle royale shooter needs no introduction. Whether you’re playing on a console, PC, or mobile device, the game offers the same gameplay, stunning visuals, and social features, including cross-play between different platforms and shared progression.


The enduring sandbox game is available on virtually every platform, from consoles, PCs to mobile devices, and has sold millions of copies over the years. The game’s simple yet engrossing block-building mechanics, endless creativity, and cross-platform play provide seemingly endless hours of entertainment.

Among Us

The multiplayer hit has taken the gaming world by storm and is available on most devices. The game’s social deduction mechanics, cute graphics, and addictive gameplay have earned it a passionate following. Cross-platform play is not currently implemented but is expected in the future. These are just a few examples of the universal games that can be enjoyed regardless of where or how you play. If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a shot and join in their massive communities of players from all over the world!